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Hand-knotted Oriental carpets

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Our online shop is the perfect place for all admirers of the art of oriental carpet knotting and also for fans of oriental culture. Of course your individual style is the most important part. So that you don’t have to buy just any Rug, we offer you a big choice of the most beautiful made with the typical traditional hand knotting technique. Abstract patterns combined with unbelievable colour combinations. Classic designs with established natural colours. The art of the real carpet knotting is hard to beat just like our choice of carpets.

Nain Trading invites you to an unforgettable shopping adventure: Hand knotted Oriental carpets from the Carpet experts par excellence

Hand-knotted Oriental carpets

Discover our unique carpet categories with stunningly beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces.

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The online shop for hand knotted Oriental carpets

Are you looking for a real oriental rug that has been made by hand in a traditional way? Then you are at the right place at Nain Trading. In our online shop, we offer you an excellent selection of more than 75,000 oriental carpets for every budget and taste. All are made by hand, be it knotted like our fantastic Persian carpets or hand-woven like our wonderful kelims. In any case, they are always originals. Be inspired and enchanted by the beauty of our collection of oriental carpet art curated for you!

One thing is guaranteed: high quality and real expertise are our passion. And that's mainly because we want to make you happy by offering you the rug that's just right for you. At the same time, what makes the carpet weaver happy? When he can be sure that his handicraft will end up in the best hands. To yours. Into your home. Let it shine and come to life in the colours of the Orient. Nain Trading is committed to oriental carpet weaving. We love traditional craftsmanship, which mostly resembles an art. Have you already discovered a provenance that particularly inspires you? Browse through our large number of categories and get inspired! We wish you a lot of fun and welcome you to our online shop.

Nice to have you here.

The online shop for hand knotted Oriental carpets

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Table of Contents

What makes an oriental carpet a work of art?

Carpets from the Orient stand out for their enormous attention to detail - carpet knotters and weavers create fantastic patterns demonstrating their skill and creativity. It is above all the meticulous handicraft that makes an oriental carpet extremely valuable compared to western mass products. The more knots per square meter are knotted, the more precious and elaborate the handicraft is. The most exclusive models are highly rare and their market value accounts to several thousands euros, also because their production takes countless months for an experienced knotter.

Oriental carpets are categorized according to their origin or region, which is often reflected in the individual design. For example, a traditional oriental carpet from Persia clearly stands out from an Indian one. Accordingly, the variety of oriental carpets in their colours, shapes and sizes are fascinating and multifaceted. In addition, there are different knotting and weaving techniques that produce special types of carpets - for example, kilims which are flat weave carpets. The materials of a typical oriental carpet find their origin in nature. A Persian carpet, for example, is usually made exclusively of wool, cotton, silk and vegetable dyes.

Where to place an oriental carpet in your apartment

In general, a carpet from the Orient may enrich any room. Since handmade rugs are extremely robust, they are perfectly suitable for everyday use. You can place our rugs in the living room as well as in the dining room.

Of course you can combine models with different styles and colours and integrate them into your furnishings. Even for giving your bathroom an extravagant touch and care for warm feet, you can use an Oriental carpet.

What types of oriental carpets do we offer?

Persian carpets

These are probably the best-known, indeed most famous, oriental carpets. They come from the former Persia - today Iran and have a centuries-old tradition in carpet weaving that is still used today. The finest and most elaborate oriental carpet is a Persian carpet.


These carpets are woven and not knotted - the biggest difference to almost any other oriental carpet. This makes this type of carpet less elaborate to craft by hand, but also limits the variety of patterns. Designs are of a geometric nature and rather rough.


The Ziegler oriental carpet has its very own history. It originates from today's Iran, but was brought to life by a western company called Ziegler. Ziegler carpets served as cheap alternatives to the popular Persian carpets.


An Afghan oriental carpet usually has very typical dark red shades and octagonal ornaments. They are similar to Pakistani carpets and are also hand knotted in a long tradition from sheep wool.


Probably the best-known Caucasian oriental carpet is the Kazak. Originally these rather colourful hand-knotted oriental carpets come from the Caucasus. Today they are also re-knotted in other countries of the Orient.

Silk carpets

Pure silk has always stood for pure luxury, as is the case with an oriental carpet. Silk carpets from Iran and Indian Kashmir are particularly well known. These carpets are usually very finely knotted and have an unmistakable shine.


Oriental carpets from India are often based on the classical Persian patterns and ornaments. They are coarser in comparison, but still of excellent quality with natural sheep wool and of high-quality hand knotting.


Originally the Gabbeh oriental carpet was made by Gabbeh nomads from Iranian areas. As they have a timeless design, these carpets enjoy great popularity and are nowadays also hand knotted in India.


We offer only authentic oriental vintage carpets. Every single carpet is an old oriental carpet, which has been completely reworked and now has a new vintage look.


Designer carpets, knotted by hand in the old tradition - these are probably the most precious modern oriental carpets you can find. Western designers set the pattern, each and every oriental carpet was knotted in the Middle East.

In what colours are our oriental carpets available?

In general there is no limit to the variety of colours of oriental carpets. Traditionally, however, each carpet has its own colouring, depending on the region it comes from. For example, an Afghan oriental carpet is typically dark red, while a Nain Persian carpet is often blue and cream. There are of course exceptions in every region nowadays.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of hand-knotted oriental carpets?

What are the pros and cons of comparing a hand-knotted oriental carpet to a traditional machine-made carpet? We have summarized the most important differences. Of course there are more usage-related points, but we have not included them here for a general approach.

Advantages Disadvantages
Natural material (sheep's wool, silk) No individual dimensions
High quality handicraft according to tradition Comparatively more expensive
Contemporary oriental design Price may be based on rarity
Extremely long service life
Heat insulating
Uniqueness of each carpet

Why buy your oriental carpet at Nain Trading?

We not only offer the probably largest online assortment of hand knotted oriental carpets, but also an extraordinary service and all this at the best prices. You get your carpet with a 5 year warranty, a free 31 day return service and excellent customer service. Thanks to our location in the old warehouse district of Hamburg - the hub of the western world for oriental carpets - we have a generational expertise and fast access.

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