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We offer individual offers for companies, shops, hotels or other enterprises, which would like to acquire high-quality rugs or a larger number of rugs.

Highest quality, brilliant colours & long lifetime

Highly frequented rooms, which are visited by your customers, guests or partners, bring with them a very special expectation. In fact, these rooms and spaces represent your company. Consequently, it is only natural that you want to invest in a high quality that is going to convince and fascinate your stakeholders for a particularly long time.

A handmade oriental rug is just the right choice to give an elegant and dynamic effect to the appearance of your company. Not only do they offer a limitless colour spectrum, the hand-knotted rugs are also incomparably robust and easily last for decades without significant signs of wear and tear.

An appearance that is impressive

Are you representing a hotel, a business or a company? Please feel free to contact us for an individual offer. Whether ultra-modern, classically traditional or simply elegant, we are sure to have the right style for you. With our ever-growing range of an exceptionally diverse selection of carpets from the most important countries in the Middle East, we can provide you with a tailor-made offer.

This way you impress your customers with unique rugs that are not available in the nearest furniture store and that are also beautiful eye-catchers. An investment is not only worthwhile because of the rugs’ high quality and uniqueness, it also possesses a stable value on which you can rely.

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