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Pleasant warmth in February: Our Afghan & Pakistan Carpets of the Month

Feb 20th 2020

Our three Afghan & Pakistani carpets of the month


1. Afghan Kunduz

2. Kahl Mohammadi

3. Pakistan Buchara

4. Our Afghan & Pakistani Carpets

1. The slightly different one: Afghan Kunduz

Very typical for Afghan carpets is also the Afghan Kunduz carpet in a warm dark red colour. As the name promises, this oriental carpet comes from the city of Kunduz, which lies on the Tajik border in the north of the capital Kabul. 

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What distinguishes or connects this carpet to conventional Afghan carpets?

Since Afghan carpets mostly come from the regions around Kabul, Herat and Kandahar, this carpet has a special origin. The fine elaboration of the ornaments, which are mostly in floral form, are striking. As on other Afghan carpets, six-petalled blossoms can be found in the frame. As on the classic Kahl Mohammadi below, the flowers play an important role. The central part of the carpet is decorated with a recurring pattern consisting of two different ornaments. At the centre of each of the large ornaments is once again a flower, externally decorated in part with geometric designs. Terms such as love, flower and nightingale have always played an important role in the literary culture of Afghanistan. Elements from this culture can also be found on most carpets. 

Compared to other Afghan carpets, this Afghan has intense colours. The dark blue can almost change to a light black depending on the incidence of light. 


2. The classic Khal Mohammadi

Like the Afghan Kunduz, Khal Mohammadi are hand knotted in the north of Afghanistan. However, they come from the north-western part of the country, which lies on the Turkmen border. Khal Mohammadi rugs are still often knotted today by Turkmen who have emigrated to Afghanistan and live not far from the border with their homeland. Khal Mohammadi rugs are probably among the highest quality Afghan rugs. 

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What defines this Kahl Mohammadi?

Typically, it has the flowers found on most Afghan rugs. Also the dark red colouring makes this Kahl Mohammadi unmistakably an Afghan rug. Often Kahl Mohammadi have the so-called elephant foot pattern in the central part of the carpet. This is an octagonal ornament, whose outer shape is reminiscent of an elephant foot. This carpet, on the other hand, has been used exclusively in flowers and rectangular shapes. This creates a not entirely unusual, but at the same time individual design with a timeless character. Here too, the flower in large format is at the centre of each ornament.



3. An extraordinary Pakistan Bukhara

The traditional Pakistan Bukhara carpet is knotted in the east of Pakistan, in and near the Kashmir region. The marking 2 Ply or 3 Ply determines the knotting density of the carpet. A Pakistan Bukhara 3 Ply carpet has a higher knot density than a 2 Ply carpet. This carpet corresponds to a 2 Ply Pakistan carpet with a very unusual pattern and colouring. 

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What makes this Pakistan Bukhara special?

Usually Pakistan Bukhara rugs have octagonal recurring ornaments in the central part of the carpet, as shown in the last picture. Because of their shape they are also called elephant feet. Also, checkered ornaments are often found in the center of Pakistani rugs. This Bukhara carpet does indeed pick up typical patterns, such as the octagonal elephant foot and the check. However, they are used in a rather unusual way and are combined with the flower ornaments of Afghan carpets. Octagons occur exclusively in the carpet's frame, while the check patterns contain Afghani flowers that have been elaborately decorated. Green is a typical colour for Pakistani carpets, but here a very beautiful petrol green was used, which makes the carpet stand out from other Bukhara carpets.

In addition, this carpet from Pakistan has an extremely thin pile compared to the rather thick and robust Bukhara carpets. This requires great skill and a high knotting quality.



Our Afghan and Pakistani Carpets

We offer a wide range of different types of oriental carpets from Afghanistan and Pakistan - a total of over 5,000 individual pieces. How do we get so many carpets? The old warehouse district of Hamburg is still the main trading centre for oriental carpets exported to the western world. We have teamed up with wholesalers to offer you access to a large selection of a wide variety of hand knotted carpets. At the same time, you benefit from unbeatable prices, which we can offer thanks to direct purchase in larger quantities from wholesalers and from the Orient. 

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