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Design-Berber Carpets by Ela

Jun 23rd 2023

When outstanding design meets fascinating craftsmanship, the result is something very special.

Designed by Ela

May we introduce: Our new Berber collection "Berber Ela Design" is online. With this hand knotted carpet collection we present a brand new design in the field of traditional Berber knotting. Carpet design that is in line with the spirit of today's interior world and yet incredibly timeless due to the focus on natural shapes, colors and materials. Immerse yourself in a world of traditions and a yearning for tranquility, contemplation and sustainable design.

Who is Ela

We can write a lot about Ela, her life and her inspiration, but it is much more beautiful, exciting and authentic when Ela tells us her story herself.
Ela: "I have always been full of enthusiasm and passion for the beautiful things and surprises that life has in store for us. The fundament for my current work
I laid in Iran, to be more precise in Mashad. There I studied graphic & industrial design in 2014 and consolidated my passion for shapes, colors and textures and embedded it in a
"solid" framework. By the way, I am Iranian in origin and also born there... my heart beats oriental.

My passion for design in general and especially for interior design is something I have been expanding and strengthened in recent years and thus developed a deep sense for a homely atmosphere.

My big turning point in life came during my master's program in Iran. And how could it be otherwise - I met my current husband Amin.
A very special person who shaped the rest of my journey and still does every day. My journey turned into our journey and I am happy about that
every day anew.

In 2015 I moved to Germany, a new chapter in my life began and I specialized among other things in the field of carpet design for hand-knotted carpets.


Inspired by…

Ela: "When I design in general, I am mainly guided by the moment for the instant. The atmosphere must carry me away or let's say trigger a feeling in me. I am then inspired by colors, patterns and textures of nature, which are almost infinite and influence my creativity with their flowing, curved shapes.

For the Berber collection, I wanted to focus on organic shapes. These shapes evoke an emotional response in the beholder, which is reflected in feelings of calm, serenity and security. It was important to me that nature is the focus, consciously and unconsciously at the same time. This atmosphere creates a relaxed living situation within rooms, which primarily triggers a warm sense of well-being.

I remembered my grandmother and my fascination for her work while designing the collection. She is a great oil painter. There is her work all over her house to look at. I still have all of her artwork in front of me today. She obviously left a strong impression on me. I remember when I was about 6 years old and I often watched her working, mixing colors and painting. Her presence and artistry inspired me and guided me a bit when designing the Berber collection."

Berber Carpets

Modern Berber rugs are a fascinating combination of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design. They are characterized by their distinctive thickness, fluffy textures and natural design. With their minimalist style, modern Berber rugs fit perfectly in living rooms, bedrooms and workspaces, creating a pleasant atmosphere. Berber rugs originated in North Africa, specifically in Morocco and the Atlas Mountains region. Often Berber carpets are kept in natural colors, which also makes them a timeless companion and especially durable.

Out now…

Would you like to be inspired by Ela's designs and create a unique atmosphere in your rooms? Then get inspired and save one of her gorgeous designs. Good to know, each carpet is unique.

click here > BERBER Ela Design

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