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Summer kilim carpets

Jul 6th 2023

The kilim rug...

Kilim rugs are a fascinating form of handwoven rugs that have rich cultural and historical significance. These rugs are known for their vibrant colours, geometric patterns and sturdy quality. They originally come from the Middle East, specifically from countries like Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan and Kazakhstan. Traditionally made by nomadic communities, kilim rugs serve as functional floor coverings as well as works of art that reflect the stories and traditions of each culture. Their origins date back centuries and they are still valued today for their quality craftsmanship and artistic beauty. Various styles and designs have evolved over time, making kilim rugs a popular choice for those looking for a unique and authentic piece that will bring a touch of the exotic and warmth to their home.

The versatile all-rounder

Kilim rugs are extremely versatile and offer a wide range of uses. Due to their hand-woven structure and durable quality, they are particularly suitable for heavily frequented areas such as living rooms, hallways or entrance areas.

In addition, kilim rugs can also be used as tapestries to add an ornate and cultural atmosphere to rooms. Placed on the wall, they become an impressive eye-catcher and can enhance the aesthetics of a room.

Kilim rugs are also perfect as runners. They are ideal for decorating hallways or steps, adding a touch of color and pattern. The variety of designs available allows the runner to be perfectly adapted to the style of the room.

Interestingly, kilim rugs are also very popular as outdoor rugs due to their sturdy construction and durable material. They can be used on terraces and balconies to give outdoor spaces a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Their durability allows for many uses, and their colors and patterns are preserved for many years or even generations.

The quality of kilim rugs is often outstanding. They are handcrafted using high-quality materials such as wool or, in some cases, cotton. The careful processing and the centuries-old tradition of kilim weaving ensure high durability and longevity. Due to their dense weave, kilim rugs are extremely resistant to wear and tear, which means that they will give pleasure to their owners for a long time.

Overall, kilim rugs are not only artistic and aesthetically pleasing, but also extremely versatile and durable. Their uses as flooring, tapestry, runners or outdoor rugs make them a popular choice for those looking for a flexible and durable rug that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

A kilim rug always fits...

Kilim rugs are extremely versatile and can easily be integrated into different living styles. Their rich cultural history and handwoven beauty make them a timeless element of interior design. Kilim rugs can set a striking accent in both traditional and modern furnishing styles.

Kilim rugs fit perfectly into traditional furnishing styles based on classic elegance and a touch of nostalgia. Kilim rugs can bring a touch of exoticism and tradition to rooms decorated with antique furniture, ornate accessories and warm wood tones. Their vibrant colors and geometric patterns blend harmoniously with the classic aesthetic and create a cozy atmosphere.

On the other hand, kilim rugs can also create an impressive effect in modern furnishing styles. In minimalist designed rooms with clean lines and neutral tones, they can serve as a powerful statement piece. A vibrant kilim rug can create an exciting contrast to a plain setting and add personality to the room. Whether in a living room, dining area or bedroom, a kilim rug can add visual interest and bring a space to life.

In addition, kilim rugs also offer the opportunity to mix and match different interior styles. In an eclectic interior, they can serve as a bridging element that connects traditional and modern elements. With their diverse designs and color combinations, kilim rugs can act as a link between different styles and create a harmonious balance.

Whether you prefer a traditional interior style steeped in history and culture, or you want to create a modern ambience that emphasizes clean lines and contemporary design, kilim rugs can seamlessly fit into any style of living. With their unique craftsmanship and artistic charm, they are not only functional, but also an asset to any room.

Typical "Kelim like"

Kilim rugs are very popular today and are widely used in a variety of interior styles, including mid-century modern, Scandinavian and bohemian styles. These rugs fit perfectly with these styles due to their unique characteristics and artistic charm.

The MidCentury Modern style, which was shaped from the 1940s to the 1960s, is dominated by clear lines, organic shapes and a minimalist aesthetic. Kilim rugs complement this style beautifully with their geometric patterns and bold colours. They can serve as a striking contrast to the sleek furniture and neutral colors of MidCentury Modern style, adding a touch of color and vibrancy to the room.

Kilim rugs also blend harmoniously into the Scandinavian style, which is known for its light, airy and natural atmosphere. The simple and functional furniture of the Scandinavian style can be beautifully complemented by the warm colors and hand-woven texture of a kilim rug. Due to their natural materials and their timeless design, kilim rugs go well with the Nordic elements of the Scandinavian style and provide cosiness and warmth in the rooms.

Kilim rugs are also extremely popular in the Bohemian style, which stands for its creative and unconventional atmosphere. This style is characterized by a mixture of patterns, textures and colors, combining different cultures and styles. Kilim rugs fit this style perfectly as they are themselves a product of various cultural influences. Its vibrant looks, hand-woven details and rich history make it a natural element of bohemian style, blending seamlessly into the artful and layered ambience.

Overall, a kilim rug suits the interior design styles mentioned because it brings with it a cultural and historical depth that gives these styles an additional dimension. With their vibrant colours, geometric patterns and quality craftsmanship, kilim rugs can add a unique touch to rooms and create visual focus. Whether it's the clean and minimalist MidCentury Modern style, the natural and airy Scandinavian style, or the creative and eclectic Bohemian style, a kilim rug can be the perfect complement to add character and style to any room.

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