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Reasons for a carpet in the kitchen

Nov 5th 2019

The kitchen is much more than just a room for preparing food. Especially today the kitchen serves as a full living room. Open-plan living space concepts with integrated kitchens are the expression of our current understanding of living atmosphere. Therefore, kitchens - whether integrated or as single rooms - should not be cold rooms for preparing our daily meals. Much more they should invite you to linger and be a place of well-being.  A kitchen runner carpet can work wonders in this context. Carpets give rooms warmth and ambience. However, choosing the right rug for your kitchen is not that easy. In the following we give you tips on how to find the perfect carpet for your kitchen.

Why a carpet makes a lot of sense in the kitchen

There are many reasons for a kitchen carpet. On the one hand, there is the feel-good effect. Carpets create a particularly homely atmosphere. They give environments that certain something. Simple rooms can become real eye-catchers thanks to a wool carpet. For example, an excitingly designed Persian carpet allows a discreetly designed kitchen in white to shine in a breathtaking way.

On the other hand, carpets fulfill other functions that are valuable in a kitchen. Imagine you go into the kitchen in the morning for a coffee. You are standing in front of the kitchen unit and the coldness of the tiles pulls into your hair tips. If you were standing on a soft wool carpet, this cold wouldn't stand a chance. A beautiful idea, isn't it?

But a kitchen carpet does not only lead to pleasant warmth. It can also stop objects that fall off and would damage the floor. A coffee cup falling out of your hand, for example, will not be a pleasure to you or your floor. If it lands on a carpet, the floor is protected, your cup is intact and the wool carpet can be wiped off without being damaged or stained. At least if it is a rug made of natural fibre. More about this later. A further reason is the sound absorbing effect of a carpet. In multi-family houses this characteristic of a carpet is very favourable. But also in single-family houses it can be quite advantageous if not every step echoes through the room.

There are many reasons for an oriental kitchen runner. Now you surely ask yourself the question how to find the right one for your kitchen. Let us start by choosing the right shape.


Choosing the right shape: Kitchen carpet or kitchen runner?

We distinguish a kitchen carpet from a kitchen runner simply by its shape. While the latter is elongated as a carpet runner - therefore suitable for kitchen units or long rooms - a kitchen rug has a wider rectangular shape and is therefore ideal for larger kitchens or those that are divided. An L-shaped kitchen also benefits from a rectangular carpet. So the first question you should ask yourself before buying a rug for the kitchen is always: Which shape suits my kitchen best? Only then should you look at the design, the material and the way it is made. Even a pretty, hand-knotted kitchen runner carpet made of beautiful natural wool can look out of place in an unsuitable kitchen, while it harmonises perfectly with it in another.


The optimum material for a kitchen rug

The best material for a carpet is natural fibre. Natural fibres have a whole range of advantages over synthetic fibre carpets. Natural wool is dirt-repellent. A factor not to be underestimated in the kitchen. If something should fall out of your hand or tip over, a carpet made of natural wool can easily be dabbed with a humid woolen cloth. Synthetic fibres, on the other hand, often discolour permanently and persistent stains disturb the eye of the beholder and frustrate. Therefore, it is better to choose a rug made of natural material with a dirt-repellent fat content. Even if these are usually a little higher in price, you save cash in the end, because the durability is significantly longer. Wool carpets are also odour-neutralising. And who would want a rug that smells like last week's food? Make a long-term investment and protect the environment.


Why hand-knotted carpets are a better choice in the kitchen

Nowadays you can get rugs in almost every store. Decoration shops offer them as well as large furniture retailers. Most of the carpets offered are machine made. This may not seem relevant and cheaper at first glance, but it does at second sight. Hand-knotted rugs of excellent quality are real survivors and offer the buyer much longer happiness. Machine-made carpets lose their shape faster, fray, get holes or have chemical smells. A genuine hand-knotted carpet is a better investment in the long run and should be preferred to those from industrial production.

And there is something else that speaks for hand-knotted carpets. Rooms with underfloor heating depend on proper circulation from the floor. Therefore, if you heat your home with underfloor heating, you should always opt for a hand-knotted carpet.

A kitchen carpet for everyone

If you are looking for a kitchen runner after all these arguments, have a look through our large assortment of hand-knotted carpets made of natural materials, such as Persian carpets or trendy nomad carpets. With us you will find a large selection of colours, designs and shapes. There is a suitable one for every kitchen - guaranteed!


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