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Multicolour - your visual highlight

Apr 3rd 2024

Multicolour - spring will be "poppy"

Hand-knotted, brightly coloured rugs are all the rage in the world of interior design and inspire both young and old. With their vibrant colour palette and unique design, they not only inspire influencers in search of the next trend, but also radiate a tremendous vibrancy that brings every room to life.

The soft Berber rugs are particularly popular, immediately catching the eye with their bright colours and fluffy textures. Whether in the living room, bedroom or children's room - these rugs add a playful touch to any room and create a cosy atmosphere that invites you to relax and linger.

The fascinating Kelim Fars rugs are also very popular. With their geometric patterns and vibrant colour combinations, they are real eye-catchers that add a touch of the exotic to any room. Whether as a statement piece in the living room or as an eye-catcher in the hallway - these rugs bring colour and life to any room.

The possible uses for these colourful rugs are almost unlimited. A brightly coloured Berber rug, for example, can instantly give a plain living room a fresh and modern look, while a Kelim Fars rug adds a touch of boho chic to the dining room or is an absolute eye-catcher as a wall rug. These rugs are also a real highlight in the children's room and stimulate the imagination of the little ones.

Regardless of the room or style - hand-knotted, brightly coloured rugs are an absolute must-have for anyone who wants to add a splash of colour and joie de vivre to their home. So why not try something new and integrate one of these fascinating rugs into your own four walls? It's guaranteed to be an eye-catcher and a talking point for guests and may even inspire you to expand your own interior design style and become bolder.

How to showcase a colored rug

  1. Choose the right room: Choose a room that could use a fresh dose of color and energy, such as the living room, bedroom or hallway. A rug in the bedroom is often the key design element, while a rug in the living room is the central focus.
  2. Create a focal point: Place the colorful rug in a focal point, such as the center of the room or under a coffee table, in front of a bed, or on a central wall as a decorative tapestry.
  3. Harmonize with furniture and accessories: Choose pieces of furniture and decorations that pick up or complement the colors of the carpet to create a harmonious overall picture or choose a sharp contrast.
  4. Bold pays off: Combine the colorful rug with different textures and patterns to create an interesting contrast and make the room appear lively.
  5. Provide adequate light: Strategically place lamps or lights to illuminate the carpet and bring out its colors to their best advantage.
  6. Keep the rest of the room neutral: To ensure the rug really takes center stage, keep the rest of the room's elements fairly neutral and understated.
  7. Play with different sizes: Depending on the size of the room and the rug, you can experiment with different rug sizes to make the room look its best.
  8. Maintain your carpet: Keep your colorful carpet clean and well-maintained so that it retains its vibrant colors and charm for a long time.

Choose the right color for the desired room climate

In order to better understand the influence of different colors on the indoor climate, it is important to differentiate between warm and cold tones. Warm colors such as red, yellow, orange, beige and brown create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in living rooms, convey strength and increase the mood. However, dark, warm colors can also make a room look smaller. To still create coziness, it is recommended to combine it with a light floor or a carpet in lighter colors to compensate for the cramped effect. Beige carpets with colorful patterns are particularly suitable for this.

Cool colors such as blue, green and violet, on the other hand, create a feeling of freshness and harmony. In this case, a dark (wooden) floor can provide security as it conveys security and grounding. Brown carpets or dark blue carpets are a good choice here, as they achieve a similar effect to a dark floor without having to permanently choose a dark floor color.

Blue stands for harmony, calming and balance, green for naturalness, life and hope, and violet for self-confidence, individuality and intuition.

A blue carpet harmonizes well with furniture colors such as white, gray, light blue, navy blue or even natural tones such as beige or brown. These colors create a calming and relaxing atmosphere and make the blue carpet act as an accent.

A red rug goes well with furniture in neutral colors such as white, black, gray or beige. These colors create a beautiful contrast to the strong red of the carpet and make it an eye-catcher in the room.

A pink carpet combines well with furniture in white, gray, beige, gold or silver. These colors complement the delicate pink of the carpet and give the room a feminine and romantic touch.

A beige rug is very versatile and goes well with a variety of furniture colors. It harmonizes particularly well with neutral colors such as white, grey, brown or black, but also with soft pastel tones such as pink or light blue. Beige carpets can be easily integrated into various interior design styles and often serve as an unobtrusive background for the furniture in the room.

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