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Our Guarantee Promise:

We know that our carpets are of the highest quality. We give you this promise with a 5 year warranty on our hand-knotted carpets.

A Persian carpet lasts a lifetime

Whether material or knots, with us you get the highest quality handicraft from the Orient. Consequently, you don't have to worry about the durability of your carpet even after the warranty period.

Why we offer you 5 years guarantee

As a family business, we have been dealing with a wide variety of carpets from the Orient for generations. Experience has shown us that quality must be earned and that you should be proud of it. With our own production in the city of Nain in former Persia, we are proud of the consistently outstanding quality of our carpets.

What are the exceptions?

The warranty applies to all hand-knotted carpets with the exception of Loom knotted carpets (they have the designation "Loom" in their name). Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee against signs of wear caused by excessive use or improper handling of the carpet. If a carpet comes into contact with chemicals or other aggressive substances, for example, we cannot guarantee its durability.

Click here for details of the warranty and claims.
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