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9'10" x 6'8"
Handspun wool Unique Knotted by hand
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This Persian carpet has been crafted in a small Kurdish town in Western Persia. Bidjar carpets stand for high quality and contemporary design. With geometric patterns and ornaments it is highly popular even for modern interior concepts. Additionally, its compact pile is popular due to its resilience and robustness. This Persian rug made by a Kurdish minority is a great and long-lasting choice you wouldn't want to miss anymore.

Iran/Persia, Bijar

These rugs come from the Kurdish minority living in Iran. The city of Bijar is known for its strong and high quality Persian rugs. The pile of these carpets is tightly compressed with a comb when knotted. This way, dirt particles can hardly penetrate. At the same time Bijar rugs are relatively heavy and thick. Bijar rugs usually have a medallion in the centre and come in the so-called Herati pattern. Bijar rugs usually have a medallion in the centre and come in the so-called Herati pattern.

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Handspun wool

This rug is made of hand spun sheep wool of the highest quality. Especially in Iran (former Persia), Afghanistan and Pakistan wool is still spun by hand before the actual knotting of the rug begins. Wool has proven itself as a natural and extremely hard-wearing material over centuries. Among other things, it has dirt-repellent and heat-insulating properties. At the same time, wool is incomparably soft and has a natural shine.

Knotted by hand

Traditionally hand-knotted rugs still form the highest quality standard among all types of rugs. Depending on the type of knot, the rugs are extremely robust and can last for generations. The finer and tighter a rug is knotted, the more detailed ornaments and patterns can be depicted on the pile. At the same time, a very fine oriental rug requires a much higher manual effort as well as a higher level of experience and skill of the knotter. Thus the knot density also serves as a decisive value factor of hand-knotted rugs. The quality is not directly related to the knot density. A rather coarse rug may well have been made in excellent quality.

Care & Fair

Following our ethical principles, we at Nain Trading are declared supporters of the organization CARE & FAIR. The goal is joint action by carpet dealers worldwide to give children from carpet weaver families in India and Pakistan the foundation for socially protected growing up. This improves the situation for the whole family in the long term. A child-friendly childhood for a life worth living - that is the mission.


Carpet ID: 161975005352482 Size: 9'10"x6'8" ft Thickness: ap. 0.59 in Knot density: 261 - 290 / square inch Manufacturing: Knotted by hand Pile: Handspun wool Warp: Cotton Origin: Persia / Iran Age: New Weight: ap. 66 lb In stock: Unique - Only 1 in stock

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