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Here, our interior designers from Nain Trading would like to introduce you to very special collections. From insider tips to the latest creations from our own weaving mills, you can make wonderful discoveries here. We give you selected suggestions on how you can show off an oriental rug to its best advantage in the interior and show you the most beautiful combinations of eastern tradition and western modernity. You will see how a handmade rug can enhance a classic interior or stimulate the senses in a stylishly cool design and warm not only your feet, but above all your heart with its soothing colours.



In our Texura series we have brought together 10 fine small editions of original rugs hand-woven using the best craftsmanship in the Orient with modern designs created in Scandinavia.
Some are very flat as is typical for kilim. Others impress with their height of up to 22 mm, which is otherwise only comparable to knotted rugs such as Berber carpets, although like all unique pieces in our Texura series they are not knotted, but flat-woven by hand. They have no pile, which not only makes them easy to care for, but also gives them their very own characterful feel thanks to their special structure.

As a whole, most of them give an almost plain-colored impression, which supports clarity and peace in the ambience. In detail at second glance they reveal very beautiful subtleties in structure, color and texture. For every lover of modern rug design who also highly values the proven quality of the original oriental art of hand weaving, there is certainly something in this simple yet exquisite selection that will delight the senses.

Texura Spectra 349x251
Texura Spectra 11'5"x8'3"
Texura Nordlyn Nature 239x171
Texura Nordlyn Nature 7'10"x5'7"
Texura Cobble 349x249
Texura Cobble 11'5"x8'2"
Texura Sphere 299x201
Texura Sphere 9'10"x6'7"
Texura Hilly 349x249
Texura Hilly 11'5"x8'2"
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Spring Green - Green of Spring
Spring Green - Green of Spring

Spring Green - Green of Spring

Green, symbol of nature.

Spring green, the color of new green leaves and trees.

In hand-knotted oriental carpets, green, from light green to dark green in all its shades, is often found in the design of filigree ornaments.

In real Persian carpets, however, green as one of the main colors is relatively rare. Even rarer are spring green hand-knotted carpets. Our interior designers have rummaged through our diverse range to find those treasures for you that have immortalized that magic of greenery in spring. Discover the most beautiful of these rarities here and give your home an extraordinary original oriental carpet in this timelessly inspiring colour!

Qum Silk 153x98
Qum Silk 5'0"x3'3"
Nain 6La Silk 98x72
Nain 6La Silk 3'3"x2'4"
Persian Gabbeh Loribaft Atash 205x155
Persian Gabbeh Loribaft Atash 6'9"x5'1"
Gabbeh Loribaft 246x177
Gabbeh Loribaft 8'1"x5'10"
Qum Silk Signed 156x98
Qum Silk Signed 5'1"x3'3"
Show all: Spring Green - Green of Spring (59)
Colourful carpets
Colourful carpets

Colourful carpets

Colourful and colourful hand-knotted and woven carpets fit perfectly into a variety of home styles. In a modern setting, they bring life and colour to minimalist spaces. In a rustic or bohemian style, they provide a touch of warmth and coziness. In a traditional decor, they add cultural accents and give the room authenticity. Their versatility allows them to be used as an eye-catcher or to be subtly integrated into the overall picture. Whether in the living room, bedroom or hallway - colored and colourful hand-knotted carpets set accents and give every living style a personal touch.

Kilim Fars 326x223
Kilim Fars 10'8"x7'4"
Loom Gabbeh Ava 400x300
Loom Gabbeh Ava 13'1"x9'10"
Kilim Afghan Rainbow 287x194
Kilim Afghan Rainbow 9'5"x6'4"
Berber Ghashghai 280x189
Berber Ghashghai 9'2"x6'2"
Berber Ghashghai 256x204
Berber Ghashghai 8'5"x6'8"
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Berber carpets - the charmingly rustic among the original hand-knotted carpets

Berber carpets are particularly homely with their typical, sometimes high pile. Their style and expression are always shaped by their origins. Whether traditionally inspired or elegantly interpreted in a modern way, they are rooted in Berber culture. Therefore, these carpets have elements of the nomadic, a country-rustic character. At Nain Trading we offer you a very nice range of different types of Berber rugs. The friendly, bright, classic Beni Ourain are particularly fluffy and soft. Berber ghashghai, on the other hand, impress with their strong, geometric patterns. Warm earthy to bright colors can be found in our Berber Maroccan. In addition, we present our own collections designed exclusively for us, which are manufactured in our partner manufactories with the highest level of craftsmanship. Our designer Ela created our latest collection of unique designs for you. Be enchanted by their art!

For more information about Ela Berber Design, please take a look at our blog. Blog "Design-Berber Carpets by Ela"

Berber Maroccan 232x160
Berber Maroccan 7'7"x5'3"
Berber Maroccan Atlas 317x250
Berber Maroccan Atlas 10'5"x8'2"
Berber Ela Design 308x188
Berber Ela Design 10'1"x6'2"
Berber Design 360x249
Berber Design 11'10"x8'2"
Berber Maroccan Atlas 286x205
Berber Maroccan Atlas 9'5"x6'9"
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Stylish designer carpets
Stylish designer carpets

Stylish designer carpets

A hand-knotted designer carpet is a timeless and free-form design element from the Orient. Stylish designer carpets are not subject to any classic patterns, shapes or colors. Unlike original Persian carpets from different provinces, their design is diverse, varied and almost limitless. This means that optical design highlights can be found as well as timeless elegance. This variety is limitless and designer carpets are therefore suitable for almost every living style. They combine quality and traditional craftsmanship with today's times and the desire to reinterpret design classics.
We hope you enjoy discovering our designer selection.

Kilim Panbezia 350x120
Kilim Panbezia 11'6"x3'11"
Berber Ela Design 230x156
Berber Ela Design 7'7"x5'1"
Elysian Delight 138x119
Elysian Delight 4'6"x3'11"
Sadraa 237x175
Sadraa 7'9"x5'9"
Sadraa 426x307
Sadraa 14'0"x10'1"
Show all: Stylish designer carpets (9501)
Timeless Persian rugs
Timeless Persian rugs

Timeless Persian rugs

As sought-after as ever, Persian carpets are simply timelessly beautiful. The variety of designs from the respective provenances is endless. Some are reminiscent of the paradisiacal gardens. Others resemble a tent of stars or are modeled on the infinite geometry of domes. Nain are often particularly fine in terms of color, style and weave. Isphahan beguiles with its stately splendor, as does the royal-looking Keshan. Kashmar reflect fascinating finds of archaeological treasures. Kashmir are Indo-Persian fairy tales knotted in wool and silk. Fantasy in colors and shapes wherever you look. From very delicate pastel tones and filigree patterns to real fireworks of colors in artistically lavish ornaments, original hand-knotted Persian carpets are always high-quality craftsmanship. Many times they are works of art in perfection.
From A for Abadeh to Y for Yalameh, there are always fine facets of the "living treasure" Persian carpet, the new discovery of which brings great joy and can enrich the soul, mind and house incomparably.
We hope you enjoy discovering!

Birdjand Old 300x203
Birdjand Old 9'10"x6'8"
Tabriz 60Raj Silk Warp 410x305
Tabriz 60Raj Silk Warp 13'5"x10'0"
Tabriz 50Raj 345x243
Tabriz 50Raj 11'4"x8'0"
Sarouk 223x134
Sarouk 7'4"x4'5"
Sarouk 208x136
Sarouk 6'10"x4'6"
Show all: Timeless Persian rugs (54430)
Arijana & Mamluk
Arijana & Mamluk

Arijana & Mamluk

Based on classic Persian carpets with their typical designs, these carpets form a harmony of tradition and modernity.
Ornaments that are often very fine in origin have been generously transferred to our present day. These now simpler implementations of the pattern in the usual best craftsmanship quality of the original hand-knot give a room new impetus. They are always made from the best natural materials, such as sheep's wool. They breathe history and contemporary flair in equal measure. Modern and yet original, inspired by classic oriental carpets and interpreted in slightly airier designs, these carpets impress with their particularly natural look and soft feel. Bring this charming comfort into your home and enjoy the lasting, pleasant impression of soft naturalness.

Mamluk 426x304
Mamluk 14'0"x10'0"
Arijana Klassik 337x273
Arijana Klassik 11'1"x8'11"
Arijana Shaal 147x105
Arijana Shaal 4'10"x3'5"
Mamluk 292x213
Mamluk 9'7"x7'0"
Arijana Bakhtiarii 343x243
Arijana Bakhtiarii 11'3"x8'0"
Show all: Arijana & Mamluk (2989)


Kilims are fantastic style elements that are unparalleled in their versatility, both indoors and outdoors. Several of them often fit together and, with their interaction, create a perfect match. We have an incredible selection of over 8,000 kilim rugs in our range just waiting to be discovered. Choose your favorite item from more than 7 subcategories, from modern to antique, and let your interior come alive in a new atmosphere. Each kilim rug is also unique and woven by hand. The traditional craft has its origins in the oriental region and kilim carpets are still being made in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey today. Bring a piece of this tradition into your home.

You can find more interesting things and valuable tips on interior styles related to kilims in our Blog "Summer kilim carpets"

Kilim Fars Azerbaijan Antique 205x138
Kilim Fars Azerbaijan Antique 6'9"x4'6"
Kilim Fars Azerbaijan Antique 260x132
Kilim Fars Azerbaijan Antique 8'6"x4'4"
Kilim Fars 141x140
Kilim Fars 4'8"x4'7"
Kilim Afghan Heritage 198x152
Kilim Afghan Heritage 6'6"x5'0"
Kilim Afghan Heritage 254x185
Kilim Afghan Heritage 8'4"x6'1"
Show all: Kilim (11396)
Gabbeh - cozy classics
Gabbeh - cozy classics

Gabbeh - cozy classics

A hand-knotted Gabbeh carpet is often a carpet for life. Its timeless and at the same time traditional design is suitable for almost every living style. A Gabbeh carpet is unobtrusive and at the same time it significantly changes the atmosphere of the room. Its cozy feel creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Gabbeh carpets invite you to linger and ensure pleasant warmth for your feet. The pile of a Gabbeh carpet is slightly higher than that of a traditional Persian carpet. Its color scheme is rather simple and elegant and a Gabbeh carpet is also extremely easy to care for and robust.
We hope you enjoy discovering our selection.

Persian Gabbeh Kashkuli 231x168
Persian Gabbeh Kashkuli 7'7"x5'6"
Persian Gabbeh Loribaft Nowbaft 190x153
Persian Gabbeh Loribaft Nowbaft 6'3"x5'0"
Persian Gabbeh Ghashghai 186x134
Persian Gabbeh Ghashghai 6'1"x4'5"
Persian Gabbeh Ghashghai 130x84
Persian Gabbeh Ghashghai 4'3"x2'9"
Persian Gabbeh 174x111
Persian Gabbeh 5'9"x3'8"
Show all: Gabbeh - cozy classics (9432)
Cozy Kelim
Cozy Kelim

Cozy Kelim

Ein handgewebter Kelimteppich ist ein fantastischer Allrounder. Sein traditionelles Design begeistert alle Generationen gleichermaßen und die Eigenschaften eines Kelim Teppichs beeindrucken Jedermann. Unendlich scheint die Vielfalt der Designs zu sein, klassisch und modern gleichermaßen. Lassen Sie sich von den Farben, dem Design und dem robusten Charakter eines Kelim Teppichs begeistern, lernen Sie unsere Vielfältige Auswahl unterschiedlichster Kelims kennen.
Kelim Fars, Kelim Afghan, Kelim Heritage oder ein moderner Kelim? Unsere einzelnen Kelim Kategorie sind so facettenreich wie Ihre Einsatzmöglichkeit und Ihr traditionelles Handwerk unverändert fantastisch.
Wir wünschen viel Vergnügen beim Entdecken!

Kilim Fars Design Sofre 94x87
Kilim Fars Design Sofre 3'1"x2'10"
Kilim Fars Antique 439x340
Kilim Fars Antique 14'5"x11'2"
Kilim Fars 264x157
Kilim Fars 8'8"x5'2"
Kilim Afghan Rainbow 233x163
Kilim Afghan Rainbow 7'8"x5'4"
Kilim Fars 191x152
Kilim Fars 6'3"x5'0"
Show all: Cozy Kelim (11396)
Christmas Edition
Christmas Edition

Christmas Edition

Bright red as the epitome of festivity and joy is the theme of our Christmas Edition. We have brought together the finest Keshans, magnificent Mashhads, classic Abadehs, mysterious Turkaman carpets, to name just a few, in a festive collection for you, taking into account the special luminosity of their colour. Here you will find various types of hand-knotted oriental rugs with an abundance of highly filigree ornaments in the pattern, as well as more simple playful or very elegant, noble, almost unicolour designs. Some are reminiscent of the red colour of Christmas apples or the Advent star. Others shimmer in madder, the dyer's red that has been natural since ancient times. And still others literally glow like ruby.
No matter which tones of red inspire your imagination and warm your heart, you can be inspired here and rediscover the color red for yourself. Set the accent in your home with a red oriental rug that will fill your entire ambience with confident, bright harmony.

Abadeh 208x158
Abadeh 6'10"x5'2"
Keshan 533x326
Keshan 17'6"x10'8"
Sarouk 400x273
Sarouk 13'1"x8'11"
Pakistan Buchara 2ply 420x303
Pakistan Buchara 2ply 13'9"x9'11"
Persian Gabbeh Loribaft 427x317
Persian Gabbeh Loribaft 14'0"x10'5"
Show all: Christmas Edition (1909)
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