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Carpets matching modern interior styles

Are you seeking a unique carpet that completes and harmoniously rounds up your interior style? Here you will find our expert selection chosen for modern and popular interiors. We know that choosing from a wide range of beautiful rugs is a challenge. That's why our interior design experts have made a pre-selection for you. This allows you to quickly and easily browse through a hand-picked range according to your desired style. And should the dream carpet not be available in the desired size, we will be happy to find a comparable individual rug for you.

Boheme style rugs
Boheme style rugs

Boheme style rugs

Strong colours and oriental patterns, the Bohème style brings classic designs to life and sets them stylishly in scene. Simple furniture is combined with colourful home textiles and cold-looking furnishings are transformed into cosy rooms. Plants and oriental decorative elements in particular have thus become a distinctive distinguishing feature of the Bohème style. It embodies lasting values and is excellently rounded off by a handmade oriental carpet. Here we have put together a selection of the most diverse Boho Chic carpets.

Khamseh 133x81
Khamseh 4'4"x2'8"
Arijana Design 254x174
Arijana Design 8'4"x5'9"
Kashmir Silk 186x129
Kashmir Silk 6'1"x4'3"
Persian Gabbeh Loribaft Nowbaft 190x153
Persian Gabbeh Loribaft Nowbaft 6'3"x5'0"
Nimbaft 193x132
Nimbaft 6'4"x4'4"
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Scandinavian style Carpets
Scandinavian style Carpets

Scandinavian style Carpets

Light and minimalist rooms can be cold and uncomfortable in the long run, even if the interior style reflects modern style and excellent taste. In particular, modern furnishing styles, such as Scandinavian design, are usually kept in very light and simple colours. Here the right rug has an undreamt-of effect on the ambience. In particular, the warm hue of an oriental carpet creates a harmonious cosiness that is both inviting and particularly high-quality.

Ziegler Modcar 336x241
Ziegler Modcar 11'0"x7'11"
Sadraa Sunflower 243x164
Sadraa Sunflower 8'0"x5'5"
Mahra Limited 334x221
Mahra Limited 10'11"x7'3"
Kaschmar 292x201
Kaschmar 9'7"x6'7"
Berber Maroccan Ela 237x166
Berber Maroccan Ela 7'9"x5'5"
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Carpets for Velvet Interior
Carpets for Velvet Interior

Carpets for Velvet Interior

Furniture made of velvet and velour possesses a glamorous sheen and is highly trendy. Today they are combined with gold and brass elements in a particularly high-quality style. Marble also often finds its place in a velvet interior. This is not only about a particularly stylish overall concept, but also about the so-called "cocooning". This word describes making your living space cosy and that is exactly what is possible with the warm colours of the velvet trend. However, the right rug should not be missing. Whether a soothingly simple vintage carpet, shiny wool carpet or luxurious silk carpet, there are many possibilities of a perfect match, as long as the colours fit.

Sadraa 199x137
Sadraa 6'6"x4'6"
Qum Silk 241x158
Qum Silk 7'11"x5'2"
Qum Silk 593x399
Qum Silk 19'5"x13'1"
Kashmir Silk 157x93
Kashmir Silk 5'2"x3'1"
Qum Silk Signed 203x132
Qum Silk Signed 6'8"x4'4"
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Greenery style Rugs
Greenery style Rugs

Greenery style Rugs

Plants and natural colors are fully in vogue for furnishings. With increasing environmental pressures, the focus on sustainable values and natural materials and plants is an important trend that will continue to grow in the future. In line with this, we have put together a selection of beautiful hand-knotted rugs made of natural wool for you. Especially those of Persian origin have been dyed with plant dyes and have intense natural shades that perfectly match the Greenery furnishing style. Be inspired.

Tabriz 70Raj Silk Warp 411x294
Tabriz 70Raj Silk Warp 13'6"x9'8"
Persian Gabbeh Loribaft Design 145x97
Persian Gabbeh Loribaft Design 4'9"x3'2"
Berber Maroccan Design 297x89
Berber Maroccan Design 9'9"x2'11"
Kilim Fars Kandou 440x311
Kilim Fars Kandou 14'5"x10'2"
Berber Maroccan 243x149
Berber Maroccan 8'0"x4'11"
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Industrial Style Rugs
Industrial Style Rugs

Industrial Style Rugs

The words industrial style conjure up associations of bare steel girders, loft apartments, raw concrete walls, metal lamps and exposed pipes. Uncovered raw materials, open surfaces and dark wood usually underline the industrial design. It is very trendy and offers many advantages, such as an almost unlimited feeling of space, thanks to open surfaces and uncovered ceilings. However, this open and unembellished design also harbours the danger of an uncomfortable and cold living space. A carpet can work wonders especially for the industrial furnishing style. It not only brings a colour highlight into the room, but also a cosiness, which is often the critical factor in a simple living ambience.

Patchwork 187x117
Patchwork 6'2"x3'10"
Vintage Royal 250x195
Vintage Royal 8'2"x6'5"
Vintage Kerman 401x294
Vintage Kerman 13'2"x9'8"
Gabbeh Loribaft 243x174
Gabbeh Loribaft 8'0"x5'9"
Kilim Afghan Heritage 337x245
Kilim Afghan Heritage 11'1"x8'0"
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rugs for the wall
rugs for the wall

rugs for the wall

A trend that is becoming more and more popular: an oriental rug hung on the wall. The beauty of oriental ornaments, which have been knotted in soft sheep's wool over months, might just be to valuable to just be placed on the floor. In combination with the natural gloss of pure sheep's wool, the right oriental carpet unfolds its full potential when hung on the wall in the right setting. Depending on the colour of the wall and the interior, the rug can be ideally matched. The best thing about it is that the carpet can always return to its original use.

On request we can sew rings to the carpet for a quick and secure attachment to the wall. They can be removed later on without leaving any marks.

Baluch 197x97
Baluch 6'6"x3'2"
Kilim Fars Ghashghai 241x151
Kilim Fars Ghashghai 7'11"x4'11"
Kilim Fars Azerbaijan Antique 299x144
Kilim Fars Azerbaijan Antique 9'10"x4'9"
Kilim Fars Azerbaijan Antique 284x151
Kilim Fars Azerbaijan Antique 9'4"x4'11"
Ardebil 321x84
Ardebil 10'6"x2'9"
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Modern & selected by our interior designer
Modern & selected by our interior designer

Modern & selected by our interior designer

This selection of modern designed carpets are special unique pieces among the hand-knotted oriental carpets. They stand out due to their extraordinary elaboration. Each of these rugs was made by hand in traditional knotting. The design has been matched to modern interior styles. For a free consultation to find the right carpet, feel free to contact us: [email protected]

Design Gabbeh Edel Line 299x201
Design Gabbeh Edel Line 9'10"x6'7"
Arijana Design 359x271
Arijana Design 11'9"x8'11"
Arijana Design 237x167
Arijana Design 7'9"x5'6"
Berber Maroccan Design 295x255
Berber Maroccan Design 9'8"x8'4"
Berber Maroccan 256x161
Berber Maroccan 8'5"x5'3"
Show all: Modern & selected by our interior designer (415)
Country house style rugs
Country house style rugs

Country house style rugs

The country house furnishing is characterized by natural materials such as wood, linen, leather, jute, rattan and clay. Furniture and home textiles in Used Look, Vintage Style and Shabby Chic are combined to light colours. These designs, trimmed to look used, embody their very own character and natural sustainability. To go with this, we have made a selection of excellent matching carpets, all hand-knotted from natural sheep's wool. Our country house style rugs are also available in soft shades and in vintage style.

Tabriz 50Raj 305x203
Tabriz 50Raj 10'0"x6'8"
Persian Gabbeh 183x101
Persian Gabbeh 6'0"x3'4"
Nain 9La 340x245
Nain 9La 11'2"x8'0"
Tabriz Mahi 151x103
Tabriz Mahi 4'11"x3'5"
Koliai 197x122
Koliai 6'6"x4'0"
Show all: Country house style rugs (832)
Rugs Mediterranean style
Rugs Mediterranean style

Rugs Mediterranean style

Warm summer tones that are not too strong. Earth tones, clay material, natural stones and turquoise gravel find a prominent place in the Mediterranean style. This is exactly what our selection of rugs for the Mediterranean interior style takes up. Whether rugs in pastel shades, in light summer colours or in warm terracotta tones, here you will find the right rug for your interior.

Ziegler Gabbeh 292x211
Ziegler Gabbeh 9'7"x6'11"
Kilim Fars Azerbaijan Antique 280x171
Kilim Fars Azerbaijan Antique 9'2"x5'7"
Kilim Fars Antique 171x124
Kilim Fars Antique 5'7"x4'1"
Kilim Fars Antique 218x137
Kilim Fars Antique 7'2"x4'6"
Berber Maroccan Design 279x185
Berber Maroccan Design 9'2"x6'1"
Show all: Rugs Mediterranean style (844)
Carpets in Ethno design
Carpets in Ethno design

Carpets in Ethno design

The Ethno interior design combines furniture and decorative elements from distant continents and countries, be it Africa, India or China. Materials that match this style are wood, wool and cork. Especially wooden furniture is an important part of the Ethno direction. Wool textiles are the perfect complement to wooden furniture and a must-have of this furnishing style. We have chosen a selection of beautiful wool carpets to match natural brown tones. Especially long pile carpets, but also short pile rugs in earth tones complete the Ethno style perfectly. For example, an Indian GabbehCarpet offers an excellent choice.

Baluch 124x81
Baluch 4'1"x2'8"
Kilim Afghan Heritage 270x179
Kilim Afghan Heritage 8'10"x5'10"
Berber Maroccan Design 373x280
Berber Maroccan Design 12'3"x9'2"
Kilim Afghan Antique 158x108
Kilim Afghan Antique 5'2"x3'7"
Kilim Afghan Antique 138x130
Kilim Afghan Antique 4'6"x4'3"
Show all: Carpets in Ethno design (1816)
Baroque style
Baroque style

Baroque style

Curved details and decorations, polished wood, magnificent chandeliers, these are characteristics of the Baroque style. It originated around 1600 and is still used for particularly luxurious interiors. Due to the artistic ornamentation, classical Oriental and Persian carpets belong to the Baroque style. Here you find a selection of special oriental carpets that not only look gorgeous but are also of highest quality.

Qum Silk 143x100
Qum Silk 4'8"x3'3"
Birdjand 397x299
Birdjand 13'0"x9'10"
Kerman 416x311
Kerman 13'8"x10'2"
Bidjar Antique 164x108
Bidjar Antique 5'5"x3'7"
Tabriz 304x199
Tabriz 10'0"x6'6"
Show all: Baroque style (265)
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