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Hand-knotted oriental carpets originate from many different regions where carpets have been knotted for centuries. The number of places of origin is as diverse as the variety of carpets. Here you find the most important categories, which usually differ considerably from each other in terms of origin, design and method of knotting. Let yourself be inspired by the pictures of the individual carpet types.

Traditional Persian rugs

Traditional Persian rugs

Traditional Persian rugs are highly popular and well known. It is no wonder, and certainly no secret, that this is due to their outstanding quality. The traditional hand-knotting, natural colours and fine woolen yarns are characteristics of the valuable Persian rugs, which have been produced in Persia (today: Iran) for centuries. In the traditional patterns and designs, they are back in demand to bring warmth and cosiness to your own home. Moreover, Persian rugs represent a sustainable luxury. You are looking at one of the largest online selections of genuine Persian rugs with a free shipment in the UK.

Show all: Traditional Persian rugs (27141)
Nain 6825 Carpets
Tabriz 5002 Carpets
Bidjar 3588 Carpets
Moud 2844 Carpets
Isfahan 979 Carpets
Kashan 2453 Carpets
Qum 2126 Carpets
Kashmar 589 Carpets
Kerman 652 Carpets
Mashhad 566 Carpets
Sarough 1572 Carpets
Modern rugs

Modern rugs

Modern carpets tastefully complement and emphasise the character of any living space. A modern rug featuring plain, understated colours creates a neat, linear ambience for a living room, bedroom or children's room, while brightly patterned oriental carpets can be used to reflect the playful elements of an interior design. Whether you’re seeking a cosy deep pile or a durable short-pile texture, we have a range of rugs in modern designs to suit every taste.

Show all: Modern rugs (16944)
Persian Gabbeh
Persian Gabbeh 6744 Carpets
Indo Gabbeh rugs
Indo Gabbeh rugs 976 Carpets
Modern Ziegler rugs
Modern Ziegler rugs 423 Carpets
Loom Gabbeh rugs
Loom Gabbeh rugs 1340 Carpets
Nepal rugs
Nepal rugs 56 Carpets
Belutsch Modern
Belutsch Modern 0 Carpets
Patchwork 1024 Carpets
Vintage 988 Carpets
Colored rugs
Colored rugs 130 Carpets
Designer rugs
Designer rugs 6393 Carpets
Berber 1130 Carpets
Designer rugs

Designer rugs

If you are looking for something exclusive and modern, then a designer carpet is just perfect for you. These individually designed, hand-knotted carpets give your room its very own character. Depending on the carpet type, these unique items were designed by designers from Scandinavia (e.g. Sindhi carpets) and Hamburg (Sadraa carpets).

Show all: Designer rugs (6393)
Amazona designer rugs
Amazona designer rugs 5 Carpets
Sindhi Rugs
Sindhi Rugs 541 Carpets
Sadraa 1225 Carpets
Galaxy 2 Carpets
Panbézia rugs
Panbézia rugs 12 Carpets
Artisan 26 Carpets
Ziegler Mahli
Ziegler Mahli 39 Carpets
Ziegler Design
Ziegler Design 164 Carpets
Arijana Design
Arijana Design 510 Carpets
Senses 50 Carpets
Gabbeh Design
Gabbeh Design 614 Carpets
Berber 1130 Carpets
Nomadic carpets / Village carpet

Nomadic carpets / Village carpet

Nomads of the Orient started making carpets by hand for their own use a long time ago. They were intended for various purposes in the everyday life of the nomads. For example as a tent underlay, saddlebags or blankets. Nowadays, production often takes place in villages where the nomads settled. The quality of the carpets has remained very high and they continue to be knotted by hand in the old tradition over a period of months.

Show all: Nomadic carpets / Village carpet (11068)
Hamadan 2932 Carpets
Shiraz 703 Carpets
Belutsch 798 Carpets
Bakhtiar 428 Carpets
Senneh 599 Carpets
Heriz 995 Carpets
Afshar 150 Carpets
Ghashghai 3181 Carpets
Koliai 184 Carpets
Lori 147 Carpets
Nahavand 117 Carpets
Patchwork / Vintage

Patchwork / Vintage

Here you find authentic vintage carpets. These carpets have not been newly and artificially trimmed to vintage, but are genuine old Persian and oriental carpets that have been completely renewed. In doing so, we oppose today's society of fast consumption and create something sustainable and very high-quality from old traditional values. Because such a vintage carpet was originally elaborately knotted by hand for months. It has exactly this quality and character and you can feel that.

Show all: Patchwork / Vintage (2366)
Patchwork 1024 Carpets
Vintage 988 Carpets
Kilim Patchwork
Kilim Patchwork 354 Carpets
Gumbad / Golestan

Gumbad / Golestan

Persian carpets have a good reputation thanks to their high quality, exceptionally high craftsmanship and not least because of their status as high-quality and long-lasting luxury objects. These are important reasons why knotters from India and Pakistan are inspired by traditional Persian carpets. Gumbad and Golestan carpets are excellent examples of this with excellent quality. They are influenced in the design of carpets from the famous province Tabriz.

Show all: Gumbad / Golestan (177)
Golestan 158 Carpets
Gumbad 19 Carpets
Arijana & Mamluk rugs

Arijana & Mamluk rugs

Based on classic Persian carpets with their typical designs, these carpets form a harmony of tradition and modernity.
Ornaments that are often very fine in origin have been generously transferred to our present day. These now simpler implementations of the pattern in the usual best craftsmanship quality of the original hand-knot give a room new impetus. They are always made from the best natural materials, such as sheep's wool. They breathe history and contemporary flair in equal measure. Modern and yet original, inspired by classic oriental carpets and interpreted in slightly airier designs, these carpets impress with their particularly natural look and soft feel. Bring this charming comfort into your home and enjoy the lasting, pleasant impression of soft naturalness.

Show all: Arijana & Mamluk rugs (3379)
Mamluk 301 Carpets
Moghol 0 Carpets
Arijana Classic
Arijana Classic 922 Carpets
Arijana Design
Arijana Design 510 Carpets
Arijana Bakhtiari
Arijana Bakhtiari 268 Carpets
Arijana Shaal
Arijana Shaal 1402 Carpets


Ziegler rugs are based on the classical Persian rugs. To give them an antique look, the carpets are bleached in the sun and rubbed with stones to slightly wipe the pile. The rugs are knotted by hand in an old tradition. In addition, oriental elements are combined with a modern style that allows many people to combine an oriental carpet with their interior. Originally, a typical rug of this kind was designed in the colours cream, black, red or blue. Depending on the quality the dye is vegetable or made from chrome colours.

Show all: Ziegler (6636)
Ziegler Klassik
Ziegler Klassik 1643 Carpets
Ziegler Mahli
Ziegler Mahli 39 Carpets
Kazak 1080 Carpets
Modern Ziegler rugs
Modern Ziegler rugs 423 Carpets
Ziegler Colored
Ziegler Colored 75 Carpets


Kilims are fantastic style elements that are unparalleled in their versatility, both indoors and outdoors. Several of them often fit together and, with their interaction, create a perfect match. We have an incredible selection of over 8,000 kilim rugs in our range just waiting to be discovered. Choose your favorite item from more than 7 subcategories, from modern to antique, and let your interior come alive in a new atmosphere. Each kilim rug is also unique and woven by hand. The traditional craft has its origins in the oriental region and kilim carpets are still being made in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey today. Bring a piece of this tradition into your home.

You can find more interesting things and valuable tips on interior styles related to kilims in our Blog "Summer kilim carpets"

Show all: Kilim (8048)
Kilim Fars
Kilim Fars 3579 Carpets
Kilim Afghan
Kilim Afghan 3317 Carpets
Kelim Rosen
Kelim Rosen 136 Carpets
Kelim Himalaya
Kelim Himalaya 20 Carpets
Kelim Mosaik
Kelim Mosaik 0 Carpets
Kilim Patchwork
Kilim Patchwork 354 Carpets
Kelim Soozani
Kelim Soozani 30 Carpets
Soumak 57 Carpets
Modern Kilim
Modern Kilim 848 Carpets
Nimbaft 240 Carpets
Kelim Kordi
Kelim Kordi 107 Carpets
Kelim Turkish
Kelim Turkish 1 Carpets
Kelim Design
Kelim Design 1640 Carpets
Kilim Afghan Heritage
Kilim Afghan Heritage 1441 Carpets
Kelim Senneh
Kelim Senneh 230 Carpets
Kilim Berber Design
Kilim Berber Design 122 Carpets
Afghan & Pakistan rugs

Afghan & Pakistan rugs

These hand-knotted or woven carpets come from Afghanistan and Pakistan, countries which have a far reaching tradition in the handicraft of carpets. The warm dark red shades and repetitive octagonal ornaments are very typical for this type. There are hardly noticeable differences between the regions. Interesting is the term 2Ply or 3Ply in the name of carpets. It gives an indication of the knot density and thus also of the effort involved in knotting. For example, a 3Ply Buchara has a higher number of knots per square meter than a 2Ply.

Show all: Afghan & Pakistan rugs (12209)
Afghan Akhche
Afghan Akhche 585 Carpets
Tree of Life
Tree of Life 4 Carpets
Kazak 1080 Carpets
Kilim Afghan
Kilim Afghan 3317 Carpets
Khal Mohammadi
Khal Mohammadi 889 Carpets
Pakistan 2 & 3 Ply
Pakistan 2 & 3 Ply 724 Carpets


Hand-knotted carpets of high quality have long been produced in the Caucasus and Russia. The two regions look back on a centuries-long tradition of carpet production. The mostly geometrically patterned carpets may not necessarily reach the luxurious and highest standard of known Persian carpets from Nain or Tabriz, yet they are excellent rugs that are ideal for everyday use.

Show all: Russia (201)
Russia 75 Carpets
Turkaman 843 Carpets
Azerbaijan 137 Carpets
Baku 2 Carpets
Indian rugs

Indian rugs

The Indian production of rugs probably began in the 16th century. It was supported by the Grand Mogul Akbar, who had Persian knotters make carpets for his palace. Nowadays, Indian rugs are produced in larger quantities and are usually inspired by traditional rugs, like by Persian or Chinese ornaments. Thus, they are inexpensive alternatives to Persian carpets. However, their quality can vary on the open market. This is an important reason why we have maintained relationships with the best Indian crafters for decades with focus on fair trade.

Show all: Indian rugs (3656)
Indo Bidjar
Indo Bidjar 178 Carpets
Indo Herati
Indo Herati 74 Carpets
Indo Ghom
Indo Ghom 34 Carpets
Indo Kashan
Indo Kashan 130 Carpets
Indo Sarough
Indo Sarough 210 Carpets
Indo Mir
Indo Mir 145 Carpets
Indo Nain
Indo Nain 65 Carpets
Indo Tabriz
Indo Tabriz 818 Carpets
Chinese rugs

Chinese rugs

For many centuries traditional rugs are crafted by hand in China. For example Cathay looks back to a very long tradition in this field of handicraft. The imperial court promoted the crafting of Chinese rugs in the past. For many oriental countries the production of rugs was an important industry. Typical patterns can also be found porcelain paintings. Often floral ornaments, animals and even dragons can be found on antique Chinese rugs. We offer a broad selection of modern and traditional rugs from China.

Show all: Chinese rugs (640)
China Antique
China Antique 30 Carpets
Chinese Silk rugs
Chinese Silk rugs 340 Carpets
Kelim Soozani
Kelim Soozani 30 Carpets
China Wool
China Wool 244 Carpets
Gabbeh rugs

Gabbeh rugs

These popular rugs are known for their slightly thicker, warm, soft yet resilient pile, as well as their rich colours and the huge variety of designs in which they are available. They are traditionally knotted in a more rustic way - with a lower knot density - from natural wool, which together with their higher pile gives them a very special character.

Show all: Gabbeh rugs (9056)
Persian Gabbeh Rugs
Persian Gabbeh Rugs 1439 Carpets
Persian Gabbeh Loribaft rugs
Persian Gabbeh Loribaft rugs 4881 Carpets
Persian Gabbeh Nomad rugs
Persian Gabbeh Nomad rugs 510 Carpets
Gabbeh Design
Gabbeh Design 614 Carpets
Gabbeh Kashkuli
Gabbeh Kashkuli 423 Carpets
Gabbeh Rizbaft
Gabbeh Rizbaft 10 Carpets
Perser Gabbeh Antik
Perser Gabbeh Antik 79 Carpets
Indo Gabbeh rugs
Indo Gabbeh rugs 268 Carpets
Indo Gabbeh Loribaft rugs
Indo Gabbeh Loribaft rugs 708 Carpets
Gabbeh Bambus Silk
Gabbeh Bambus Silk 8 Carpets
Loom Gabbeh Lori rugs
Loom Gabbeh Lori rugs 276 Carpets
Loom Gabbeh
Loom Gabbeh 913 Carpets
Design Loom Shine
Design Loom Shine 199 Carpets
Silk rugs

Silk rugs

Silk is a class of its own. Hardly any natural material creates such enthusiasm and fascination as silk does. The softness, shine and unsurpassed elegance of silk makes every rug a stunning highlight. We are fascinated again and again how silk reflects the light differently and thus creates a beautiful play of colours on the pile. These silk carpets come with a fine to extraordinarily fine knot density.

Characteristics Silk rugs at Nain Trading Typical knot densities

Show all: Silk rugs (2941)
Qum Silk rugs
Qum Silk rugs 1600 Carpets
Cashmere Silk rugs
Cashmere Silk rugs 799 Carpets
Chinese Silk rugs
Chinese Silk rugs 340 Carpets
Nain Seide
Nain Seide 13 Carpets
Kashan Seide
Kashan Seide 4 Carpets
Herike 199 Carpets
Exclusive Carpets

Exclusive Carpets

Are you looking for exclusive luxury? These carpet types are among those Persian carpets that are known worldwide for the highest quality standard. This includes not only their traditional knotting, which has been perfected over generations, but also the extremely high effort, skill and the most valuable natural materials. Some of these unique carpets have been crafted by world famous master knotters.

Show all: Exclusive Carpets (4661)
Qum Silk rugs
Qum Silk rugs 1600 Carpets
Isfahan luxury rugs
Isfahan luxury rugs 659 Carpets
Nain 6La rugs
Nain 6La rugs 1384 Carpets
Tabriz 50/70/90 Raj rugs
Tabriz 50/70/90 Raj rugs 3434 Carpets
Antique Rugs

Antique Rugs

The return to traditional values and origins is certainly partly invoked by our fast-moving consumer goods society. Thus, pieces with an emotional value are valued again for their own character and for telling a story. This is exactly what an antique carpet offers. On this page you find Persian carpets that encountered decades of history but that are still in great condition for many more years to come at your home.

Show all: Antique Rugs (3016)
Antique Sarouk rugs
Antique Sarouk rugs 261 Carpets
Antique Kashan
Antique Kashan 215 Carpets
China Antique
China Antique 30 Carpets
Antique Kerman
Antique Kerman 116 Carpets
Usak 78 Carpets
Agra 8 Carpets


The traditional Nain rugs belong to the most beautiful Persian rugs in the world and are characterized by their very own oriental design. They are produced in the city of the same name, Nain. The typical blue white colouring, mostly with a medallion in the center, has an elegant and precious effect. The high quality of these beautiful Nain area rugs and runners shows itself in the material and the extraordinary high knot density. The rugs are at least partly made of silk and often have a density of more than one million knots.

Show all: Nain (6825)
Nain 12La rugs
Nain 12La rugs 2336 Carpets
Nain 9La rugs
Nain 9La rugs 3230 Carpets
Nain 6La rugs
Nain 6La rugs 1384 Carpets
Habibian 53 Carpets
Akhavan 1 Carpets
Indo Nain
Indo Nain 65 Carpets
Nain Seide
Nain Seide 13 Carpets


Highest quality, best corkwool, often used silk – characteristics of Qom (Qum) carpets. These wonderful Persian carpets satisfy even high expectations. If you are searching for luxury, you are going to find it here. Qom carpets are made in one of the most holy cities in Iran and sometimes are completely made out of the highest grade (Qom silk).

Show all: Qum (2126)
Qom Cork
Qom Cork 511 Carpets
Qum Silk rugs
Qum Silk rugs 1600 Carpets


The beautiful Tabriz Persian carpet is hand-knotted in northwestern Iran, in the artisanal city of the same name, Tabriz, also known as Tabriz. The carpet manufacturers there go back generations, making Tabriz one of the oldest carpet centers in the world. Also popular goods from Tabriz are the wall carpets which are knotted with great care.

Show all: Tabriz (5002)
Tabriz Village
Tabriz Village 1045 Carpets
Tabriz 40Raj
Tabriz 40Raj 199 Carpets
Tabriz 50Raj
Tabriz 50Raj 3056 Carpets
Tabriz 60Raj
Tabriz 60Raj 294 Carpets
Tabriz 70Raj
Tabriz 70Raj 63 Carpets
Tabriz 80Raj
Tabriz 80Raj 17 Carpets
Indo Tabriz
Indo Tabriz 818 Carpets
Tabriz 90Raj
Tabriz 90Raj 4 Carpets
Tabriz Mahi
Tabriz Mahi 654 Carpets
Tabriz Gumbad
Tabriz Gumbad 11 Carpets
Tabriz Art
Tabriz Art 69 Carpets
Mohammad Hossein Benam
Mohammad Hossein Benam 0 Carpets
Traditional Oriental & Persian Rugs

Traditional Oriental & Persian Rugs

Discover our classic handmade oriental carpets in breathtaking designs. Here you will find a range of traditional carpets that you will not find anywhere else.

Show all: Traditional Oriental & Persian Rugs (59191)
Traditional Persian rugs
Traditional Persian rugs 27141 Carpets
Nomadic carpets / Village carpet
Nomadic carpets / Village carpet 11068 Carpets
Gumbad / Golestan
Gumbad / Golestan 177 Carpets
Arijana & Mamluk rugs
Arijana & Mamluk rugs 3379 Carpets
Ziegler 6636 Carpets
Kilim 8048 Carpets
Afghan & Pakistan rugs
Afghan & Pakistan rugs 12209 Carpets
Russia 201 Carpets
Chinese rugs
Chinese rugs 640 Carpets
Indian rugs
Indian rugs 3656 Carpets
Silk rugs
Silk rugs 2941 Carpets
Antique Rugs
Antique Rugs 3016 Carpets
Interior Style Rugs

Interior Style Rugs

You are looking for the right rug for your furnishing style? We have put together a selection of the most popular styles for you and made a selection of matching rugs available. Whether Boho-Chic, Industrial Style, Greenery Style or simply Scandinavian, here you find a breathtaking selection of unique and affordable carpets. If you don't see the colour or the size you are looking for, just have a look at our overall rug categories. There we offer an unfiltered variety that counts among the largest assortments worldwide.

Show all: Interior Style Rugs (3618)
Carpets in Ethno design
Carpets in Ethno design 1893 Carpets
Greenery style Rugs
Greenery style Rugs 203 Carpets
Industrial Style Rugs
Industrial Style Rugs 193 Carpets
Scandinavian style Carpets
Scandinavian style Carpets 1219 Carpets
Boheme style rugs
Boheme style rugs 1076 Carpets
Carpets for Velvet Interior
Carpets for Velvet Interior 176 Carpets
Modern & selected by our interior designer
Modern & selected by our interior designer 430 Carpets
Country house style rugs
Country house style rugs 857 Carpets
Rugs Mediterranean style
Rugs Mediterranean style 875 Carpets
Baroque style rugs
Baroque style rugs 269 Carpets
rugs for the wall
rugs for the wall 617 Carpets
Classic design

Classic design

You wouldn’t let a modern rag into your home. The classic fascinates you. Not just the one era, but everything that have „classic“ as a title and characteristic? Then you should look at these carpets. Classic design, outstanding handcrafting. There is for sure one more suitable for you.

Not everyone needs the modern trend. Some see the beauty in classic design the one maximised in this one. Or are you a fan of the modern world, you just want to set an individual accent in your home with a handknotted carpet in classical design? Which ever it may be: our carpets with classical pattern are of high quality and best workmanship thanks to the weaving methods by hand.

Show all: Classic design (44358)
With medallion
With medallion 28581 Carpets
Allover Design
Allover Design 13201 Carpets
Floral 26829 Carpets
Figural 953 Carpets
Fields 2431 Carpets
Geometric 14812 Carpets
Nomads 1769 Carpets
Tree of Life
Tree of Life 2093 Carpets
Hunting pattern
Hunting pattern 139 Carpets
Mirror pattern
Mirror pattern 717 Carpets
Big ornaments
Big ornaments 500 Carpets
Herati Design
Herati Design 8972 Carpets
Butejeghe 120 Carpets
Modern Design

Modern Design

The modern age is moving along rapidly. It doen’t stand still, it moves along, it is always topical. For those who likes this premise, they should pay attention with their interior design on furniture industry, which of course onrientates itself by the zeitgeist and its expression. Modern Oriental carpets bring whole rooms in a seemingly other era. Their effect is very big if the right combination is given. The interaaction between outdated furniture and a cool carpet can be like the newest creations of designers. It depends on what one makes out of that. And hence, you should definitely imagine one of thesehandknotted carpets in modern design.

Show all: Modern Design (15415)
Single color
Single color 2437 Carpets
Checkered 2363 Carpets
Strip 6466 Carpets
Minimal design
Minimal design 4224 Carpets
Colorful design
Colorful design 1893 Carpets
Abstract 2706 Carpets
Oriental Decoration

Oriental Decoration

The East is promising. Its colours and the patterns stimulate the imagination and allow us to dream. If this the case with you, a handknotted tapestry or a seating facility from Kelim is at least worth a consideration.

The East has a very special impact. The reason fort hat is difficult to ascertain. It is due to the colours, that harmonise with each other so splendidly? Is it the fascinating tradition? Probably it is the combination of all sorts of reasons. Carpets with oriental flair can hardly be compared to others in their impact to you home. Breathe a little oriental air in your home.

Show all: Oriental Decoration (597)
Tapestries 510 Carpets
Kilim & Carpet Cushion
Kilim & Carpet Cushion 147 Carpets
Carpet special offers

Carpet special offers

From our range of more than 60,000 unique pieces, we always present a regularly changing selection of our guaranteed handmade oriental carpets, which we temporarily have on sale at a particularly reduced price.

Show all: Carpet special offers (39309)
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