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Unlike most carpet dealers, Nain Trading has its own production in Iran. This is important for guaranteeing not only an extraordinary high quality but also a sustainable production of our carpets and rugs. Therefore, our employees come first because the quality of a handmade rug is defined by its knotter.


In addition to our own production, our team acquires the best carpets and rugs from all around the Orient. Thanks to our fair conditions we are able to acquire to the most valuable rugs for you. We maintain relationships to our partners in various countries for over 25 years now.

In order to trade with our partners directly, we often travel to different countries in the Orient, which enables us to check working conditions on a constant basis.


We have built partnerships in major countries of the Orient, so that we can offer you authentic handmade carpets from Iran, Afghanistan, India, Turkey, China and Russia.

Thanks to our strong relationships to partners, we are directly involved in the actual production. Therefore, we can guarantee you the best quality.


All of our rugs are handmade, either woven or knotted by hand. We rely on the highest craftsmanship and natural products.

With us you get the best quality, a fair product and an extraordinary long life for each of our rugs.

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