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Gabbeh- Cosy classics

Feb 20th 2024

Gabbeh - carpets

Gabbeh carpets are a fascinating expression of traditional craftsmanship, deeply rooted in the nomadic cultures of the Middle East, particularly in contemporary Iran. The term "Gabbeh" comes from Persian and literally means "raw" or "natural". These rugs are characterized by their rustic beauty, simple structure and bold, often abstract designs.

Originally woven by the Qasqhai nomads of the Zagros Mountains, gabbeh rugs were initially intended for personal use, to decorate tents or to serve as a sleeping surface. Making them was a family affair, with women and children often helping out. These rugs were made from hand-spun sheep's wool and dyed with natural vegetable dyes, resulting in their signature palette of earth tones. 

What makes Gabbeh rugs so unique is their abstract and often minimalist design language. The motifs range from geometric shapes to stylized animals and symbolic representations of nomadic life. Each rug tells a story, often expressed through the weaver's artistic interpretation.

Nowadays, Gabbeh carpets are no longer made exclusively by nomads, but are also produced by settled weavers in workshops. Nevertheless, the craftsmanship tradition and the use of high-quality materials are retained. Each carpet is unique, hand-knotted and carefully designed, which gives them a special value.

In the world of interior design, Gabbeh rugs are valued for their versatility and timeless beauty. They fit equally well with modern, minimalist interiors as well as traditional or ethnically inspired decors. Their rustic charm and organic patterns add a warm and authentic touch to any room.

In short, Gabbeh carpets are not just floor coverings but works of art that embody the rich culture and heritage of the Middle East. Their handcrafted beauty and deep connection with nature make them a timeless and sought-after element in every home.

Gabbeh - Perfectly cozy rugs

Who doesn't want a carpet that transforms the atmosphere in the room into an atmospheric oasis of well-being. Everyone knows the feeling of walking barefoot on a carpet and everyone should know how big the difference can be in terms of this feeling. A hand-knotted Gabbeh carpet is definitely a perfectionist for the cozy feel-good factor. Its higher pile ensures a comfortable foothold without completely sinking into the carpet. You can feel the quality in the form of a firm and at the same time soft appearance. Gabbeh carpets are Persian classics that are not subject to a strict oriental pattern. The design is often simple and timeless, occasionally colorful and invigorating and often unusual and extravagant. This versatility makes a Gabbeh rug a real all-rounder for almost any interior style. And the most important thing is that the cozy feel-good factor is never neglected with a Gabbeh carpet.

Just let yourself be inspired...

Gabbeh is not the same as Gabbeh... and yet they are all somehow "related" to each other.

A Gabbeh carpet is a hand-knotted carpet that achieves a pleasant pile height due to the way it is knotted and the associated knot size. The knots are larger than on a classic Persian carpet, so the patterns on a Gabbeh carpet are less delicate and significantly coarser. Despite the larger knots, 200,000-300,000 knots are usually tied per square meter, which makes a Gabbeh extremely robust and at the same time creates a cozy, firm structure.

Loribaft carpets – carpet art from southern Persia

The Loribaft carpet is the masterpiece among Gabbeh carpets. It has its origins in the southern province of Fars in what is now Iran and is still largely produced there today. The classic Gabbeh comes from southern Persia, but the Gabbeh-Loribaft carpet is a so-called nomadic carpet.

As is usual with nomadic carpets, a Gabbeh Loribaft carpet is made from 100 percent natural and high-quality materials. The Loribaft is made from hand-spun, very fine sheep's wool. Both the warp and weft of Loribaft are made from pure sheep's wool. Thanks to the materials used and the method of knotting, the result is a soft, comfortable carpet and at the same time a very robust and easy-care carpet. This makes a Loribaft carpet a companion for life or at least a very long period of life.

Gabbeh can also look different

In addition to the more classic Gabbeh patterns, other design classics have established themselves and are an integral part of the Gabbeh category. Be inspired by trendy and traditional designs such as a Persian Gabbeh Ghashghai or a Gabbeh Nature, high-quality Gabbeh rugs with an unmistakable design.

We have over 10,000 hand-knotted Gabbeh rugs in our range, each one unique and unmistakably cosy in its quality. 

Be inspired by our Gabbeh inspiration; under the following link we invite you to learn more about these wonderful Gabbeh rugs and other types of rugs from the Persian region.

Carpet inspiration

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